WI Alliance for Retired Americans  - For a membership form, click here

WI Alliance for Retired Americans exemplifies leadership in meeting the needs of Wisconsin seniors.  We bring together union retirees, union leadership, community groups and older Americans to unite them in support of a progressive agenda that protects Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and programs such as Wisconsin’s prescription drug program, SeniorCare.

Thanks to the generous support of people like you, we have accomplished much in the past year.  You can take pride in these achievements:

  •  Defeating cuts to Social Security, Veterans Benefits and Benefits for Disabled Americans through a proposal know as Chained CPI.  Workshops and rallies were held statewide educating seniors about the proposed cuts and impact on them.
  • have highlighted programs such as "Let's not be the Last Generation to Retire" focusing on the systematic approach Congress is using to defund pensions, limit access to health care and cut Social Security. 
  • Opposed budget cuts proposed by Governor Walker and increased support for those provisions in the Budget that would have a direct impact on seniors such as SeniorCare, increased funds for Family Care, Alzheimer's Family and Caregiver Support Program and others.
  • Informed seniors through our newsletters, emails and events about the impact proposals would have on them.
  • Maintained communication through our Facebook page and website.

Your membership and contributions support these efforts.  We can’t do it without you.  A membership renewal form is enclosed.  Please consider membership and/or making a contribution to the WI Alliance as we continue to fight to preserve and improve the benefits we have earned.  For a membership form, click here.


Mike Pyne, President