By generating close to $500 billion dollars in Medicare savings, the 2010 health care law allows for innovative initiatives that address long-term care.  One example of this is the Community Living Assistance Services Support Act (CLASS Act), which will create a national long-term care insurance program. This insurance option will be financed through voluntary payroll deductions that will provide cash benefits to enrollees who are unable to perform activities of daily living.  Moreover, the new law provides incentives for states to increase Medicaid funding to long-term care and nursing home services.  These provisions, along with many others, will ensure that, as America’s seniors get older they are provided with the care that they need in order to maintain a healthy and quality lifestyle.  To learn more about the changes being made to the long-term care and nursing home sector of our country’s health care system, please check out the fact sheets below:    

Long Term Care in the New Health Care Law May 2010  A preview of the forthcoming changes to long-term care programs in America.

Health Reform Fact Sheet April 14, 2010  A step-by-step breakdown of how America’s seniors will benefit almost immediately from the new health law.